How can publishers make money on the Internet?

“Please turn off your adblocker when visiting” is the request made by the editorial boards of Süddeutsche Zeitung, FAZ, Die Zeit and Spiegel Online. The most prestigious German online papers are fighting for their economic survival. Not for nothing have their editorial boards now started a joint “Turn off the adblocker” campaign. But is this appropriate in an era of social publishing, smartphones and tablets? Continue reading

What’s the future for smartphones, tablets & co.?

Just recently, two new communication devices have once again been making the headlines: Google Glass and smart watches. Product launches for new digital devices are coming thick and fast. Astonishingly, these digital devices are tending to cannibalise one another rather than comprehensively replacing the good old analogue communication devices. Continue reading

Channels, touchpoints and communication domains

The latest ECC Multi-Channel study states: “Some 50% of sales revenue in bricks-and-mortar businesses is prepared first by online research. However, only 10% of online sales revenue is preceded by information taken from a print medium.” As with most of these studies, “channel” is understood to mean a sales channel – and not a communication channel. Continue reading